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I generally don't like putting reviews, especially negative reviews, on boards like this, but, Coffee Cravings does not have a real website, (please give me a break with FB), this will have to do. I moved to the area in the summer of 2021 with high expectations from the mecca for coffee in the USA [Washington State]. It's been a great journey and here's what I've learned about Coffee Cravings in Walla Walla, WA. They have a good source for beans – that means they've got good coffee beans, now the challenge becomes, can they make good coffee drinks ... well, yes and no. There are two stores in this city and I find consistently that, the store on the west side has consistently well made coffee drinks, whereas the store close to Poplar and Ninth is almost always completely incompetent. It weird but, whatever the issue is, the personnel hired at the latter store need some serious training. It's actually gotten to the point that, recently, I have stopped [early 2022] going to the Ninth and Poplar store and only go to the Issacs St. store. I hope somebody charged with managing personnel gets this review and can act on it. If you're a potential customer, definitely bypass the Ninth and Poplar store and go to the store on Issacs.

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For me this really came across as medium-dark and I really didn’t find anything in the blend that was particularly appealing to my palette. Really cool name though.
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Chromatic Coffee
Encore Dark Seasonal Blend  (Dir. Trade)  12 oz.
For me this really came across as medium-dark and I really didn't find anything in the blend that was particularly appealing to my palette. Really cool name though. (Originally posted March 2015 on GoCoffeeGo )

Chromatic: Seasonal Blend at Go Coffee Go


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I always try to explore how best to brew various coffee types with varying methods, and to that goal I discovered these things: water temperature matters a lot. (All further comments assume the capsule is thawed.) In short, it seems to work best with cooler water temps – something around 185˚F, +/– 5˚F. The thinking here is: I don't want to re-brew the coffee because it seems to bring out the worst that it has to offer. I also discovered that, after adding water, ( total of about 5oz), stirring it vigorously really helped, otherwise I could always taste a layer of hot water and a layer of the concentrate – not good to my palette. Well, with those things in mind, I found it barely drinkable, (across the four types and three strengths), as black coffee and slightly more palettable if I added milk, and much more palettable with sweetener and milk ... All of which tells me it doesn't really work for me, especially considering the cost. The coffees I get from Tandem, Walla Walla Roastery and a couple of others are much better. Honestly, the cometeer coffee tastes very much like a drip-brew, which I personally don't care for. I'm suspicious that the coffees they use are decent, but the brewing methods are questionable. I offered them a lengthy critique of what I though of their idea, which I still really like, but how and why I feel like it falls pretty short of coffee that is in any way exceptional, and actually a bit sub-standard, for the cost.

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