Cometeer Coffee Review

I always try to explore how best to brew various coffee types with varying methods, and to that goal I discovered these things: water temperature matters a lot. (All further comments assume the capsule is thawed.) In short, it seems to work best with cooler water temps – something around 185˚F, +/– 5˚F. The thinking here is: I don't want to re-brew the coffee because it seems to bring out the worst that it has to offer. I also discovered that, after adding water, ( total of about 5oz), stirring it vigorously really helped, otherwise I could always taste a layer of hot water and a layer of the concentrate – not good to my palette. Well, with those things in mind, I found it barely drinkable, (across the four types and three strengths), as black coffee and slightly more palettable if I added milk, and much more palettable with sweetener and milk ... All of which tells me it doesn't really work for me, especially considering the cost. The coffees I get from Tandem, Walla Walla Roastery and a couple of others are much better. Honestly, the cometeer coffee tastes very much like a drip-brew, which I personally don't care for. I'm suspicious that the coffees they use are decent, but the brewing methods are questionable. I offered them a lengthy critique of what I though of their idea, which I still really like, but how and why I feel like it falls pretty short of coffee that is in any way exceptional, and actually a bit sub-standard, for the cost.

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